Ciate Advent Calendar 2015

So it’s no secret that I have searched all over the internet for beauty advent calendar bargains. We’ve  bought a few but this one is definitely my favourite.

Now on offer for £24 from Asos (you’ll find the link for this in the Offers & Codes section) and I think it’s totally worth it.

The box includes 22 mini nail varnishes, 1 full size, and a nail file.



Offers and Codes


Latest In Beauty Heart Beauty Box, now £9:

Ciate Advent Calendar, now £24!:é/ciate-mini-mani-month/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5774370&clr=Minimanimonth&SearchQuery=ciate&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=60&gridsize=3&gridrow=3&gridcolumn=1

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Birch Box:

CLOUDXMAS for December Birch Bag foe £6.

Love Me Beauty:

Enter code SAMAN533 for £21 in extra credits.


Latest In Beauty December Picks 

What’s inside?:

What do we think?:

Yeah awesome. I like the fact that this is non-subscription so great for when you just want a little box of treats. I picked five products and a Christmas cracker for a nice surprise which didn’t disappoint as it contained three products. One of these products was a silver Teeez nail varnish, a brand I absolutely love, at the moment.


Latest In Beauty Heart Box

What’s inside?:

What do we think?:

Pip: Now reduced to £9 this is an absolute bargain. Really impressed with the content in this one. Love the hair bobbles and you can never have enough face wipes. The lip gloss is a bit too bright for me but overall a great box at a bargain price.

Sam: In the heart beauty box I loved the ‘lip gloss’ which is actually like a lip stain come lipstick but with a top coat to seal it in. I loved it, made me feel Hollywood glam, but it would only last 16 hours if I refused to eat or drink. Would recommend for a sit in or a really long meeting with no coffee…


January You Beauty Discovery 

What’s inside?:

What do we think?:

I really feel that with You Beauty Discovery you have to pick the big products to feel like you’re getting a good box. I picked things that are beauty staples for me this month (lip balm and eye liner) and I’m super disappointed that the eye liner isn’t full size. I don’t want to put anything on my face with ‘snail’ in the title and the gel cushions look like they’re from the pound shop.

I’m cancelling this one.


December Birch Bag

What’s inside:  

What do we think?:

Honestly? I’m a bit underwhelmed. I don’t like the bag at all and the Benefit pieces are samples I could get directly from a department store, most likely for free. I like the Rituals product and the hair bobble but could I not have had more than one?

2/5 from me.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream – Product Review

Ok so I was pretty knackered when I tried this. This was rather obviously caused by the Christmas festivities however not so obviously due to the fact that my son woke me at 4.30am on New Year’s Day. Exhibit A:

So already this cream had its work cut out for it. The presentation and packaging I liked; the box made me feel like I was buying a luxury product which when said product only cost £8.50 you can’t really complain:

It has a nice consistency and didn’t feel too rich when I put it on which was awesome as a rich face cream is an early indication that I am going to break out. I applied a liberal amount as per the instructions and the next day I looked pretty good:

However! And this is a big however, it only took another night of this for my chin to completely break out. This was a real disappointment for me because I really wanted to like this product. Definitely meant for someone with less sensitive skin.

3/5 from me.

Pip x